Getting it Right

All sizes of jobs from small cill or post repairs to the conservation of whole buildings and sections of frame are undertaken.

Some of the photos on this website are from the conservation and restoration of 'The Merchants House' in Shepton Mallet which took over two years to fully complete the structural repairs, and on behalf of which Barry Mulford has received awards.

B. Mulford Historic Carpentry can usually repair anything from complete or partial wall frame, to roofs, flooring beams and joists, trusses, windows, doors, stairs, floorboards and historic panelling. Replication of old mouldings are a speciality.

Guidance is often given to the owners of historic buildings to ensure they do what is right for their building in the long term. On listed buildings, the use of traditional or appropriate materials is not just recommended in order to maintain the building for the long term, but also as good conservation practice and to stay within the letter of the law.

It is not uncommon to be called to a building which has suffered severe rot, often with posts which are un-supported at the bottom and a frame structure which is either collapsing or leaks badly. All of these issues can be addressed and the building restored, with care, dilligence and use of sound traditional building techniques and materials.